We are often asked ‘what can I take to make my tooth better’ or told ‘the antibiotics don’t work’.  Sometimes, where there is chronic tooth infection, we need to understand what is happening.

Chronic tooth infections are caused by bacteria in and around the tooth. Sometimes patients present with swelling and lumps on the side of the gum, this is an indication that the infection has spread beyond the tooth and into the bone. In order to get the tissues to heal, the removal of the irritant ie bacteria and toxins is important. Only then, the tissues can reorganize and remodel. We need to help tip the balance in your favour, to give the immune system an opportunity to control the infection and heal the damaged tissues. Whilst antibiotics will help fight the infection, they will not help to heal the bone and soft tissue. Disinfecting the tooth makes a big difference but sometimes the body just needs a little extra help to aid the immune system.

Over the years we have had success with dietary supplements which increase the available nutrients to help with healing. If you are interested, I would encourage you to look at the following products supplied by Dentavital (part of the Cytoplan company) which may help with healing. You can always give them a call to find the best supplement for you.